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The computer science and liberty law: protection of personal data
In conformity with the computer science and liberty law of 6th January 1978 (modified), you have a right to access and if necessary rectify the personal information about you in our files, by writing direct to ASL AVOCATS : 54, cours Lafayette - 69003 Lyon - France. ASL AVOCATS use the information which you provide to record your requests to make contact and which are part of the information likely to interest you. Our professional code of conduct forbids any commercial exploitation of the data which you have provided.

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Information about products and services
The information shown on this site is offered for general reference only and may not be considered to be advice. They do not pretend in any way to be complete. In spite of the updating of the site content, ASL AVOCATS cannot be held responsible for modification in the administrative and legal provisions coming into effect after its publication. ASL AVOCATS reserve the right at any time and without prior warning to modify and update the present information. The brand name ASL AVOCATS has been registered.

Respect for law
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