Me Phlippe Arduin




Business and
Labour Law
Master's Degree in Legal Careers
DEA Business Law
Mr Philippe Arduin
Associate Barrister - Business and Labour Law Team

He is active in commercial affairs with French and foreign enterprises which he advises to make sure that their contractual relationships are legally secure, right from the negotiating phase to drawing up contracts and carrying them out, until relations come to an end or are broken.

He aids clients with disputes, undertaking preventative or legal action to resolve conflicts, especially concerning industrial risks. He has acquired specialised experience for the recovery of civil and business claims.

Philippe ARDUIN also acts in labour law with employer and top manager clients whom he aids with individual relationships at work, specialising in questions concerned with the termination of a work contract, whether disputed or by mutual consent.

He manages industrial tribunal disputes and for this reason regularly appears before the courts.

After taking his oath in 1986, he joined the Henry LUCIEN-BRUN firm, specialising in business law.

He has also been involved with a family firm, where he developed his industrial tribunal dispute work for institutional clients.

In 2005, Philippe ARDUIN pursued his career on his own, and in 2008 founded the ASL AVOCATS firm with Laurent SAUTEREL and Pierre LAMY.

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