Me Laurent Sauterel




Social Security and
Labour Law
Master's Degree
in Business Law
(University Lyon III)
Mr Laurent Sauterel
Associate Barrister - Social Security and Labour Law Team

He is mostly concerned with Social Security but he also acts on Labour Law with regional and national organisations and leading management.

The strict interconnectedness of questions about workplace accidents or occupational diseases with the wording of employment contracts necessitates a relevant overall analysis as well as strong adaptability.

His knowledge about the culture of enterprises and social organisations allows him to act effectively both in managing disputes at industrial tribunals about termination of employment and in dealing with proceedings about the consequences of an accident or occupational diseases.

After taking the oath in 1993, he joined the Aguera firm which specialises in industrial tribunal disputes, and then in 1997 the Business Affairs Firm Jakubowicz.

Laurent SAUTEREL founded his own firm in 2006, and since 2008 has worked to found the ASL Avocats firm.

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