The associates and collaborators of CABINET ASL are organised in three areas of expertise, offering their experience and know-how about both advice and disputes to companies, associations, their mangers and individuals.

Labour Law

Complex and ever changing, labour law makes the action of specialised jurists increasingly indispensable in securing individual and collective relationships and organising human resources in accordance with legislation and jurisprudence.

The ASL-AVOCATS firm is present on a day to day basis in social relationships, participating in analysing situations and their legal characterisation and also in researching and setting up relevant solutions through negotiation and the drawing up of instruments.

These actions cover a whole range of questions about welfare law, especially collective negotiations, setting up enterprise agreements, the analysis of the social impact of legal restructuring, social auditing, relationships with the labour ministry, the life of the work contract and expatriation problems ...

As an extension to its advisory work, the ASL-AVOCATS firm will defend you before industrial tribunals, disputes about the criminal labour law and electoral disputes.

Each of the lawyers in the partnership is committed to personal assistance and supervision of procedure in the defence of your interests.
Social Security Law

In a regulatory environment which is becoming increasingly strict about workers’ health and safety, the employer must constantly be ready to detect and deal with risk, especially by putting protective measures into effect.

In practice, a workplace accident or occupational disease may have a decisive financial impact on the enterprise, especially with the recognition of an unreasonable error, raising the level of contributions and the imposition of charges on the employer.

These essentially technical matters are controlled by formal rules and brief time limits, about which enterprises are often ill-informed, the lawyer’s commitment, adaptability and his knowledge of the players involved (state heath insurance office, regional insurance offices, URSSAF) are the decisive elements in managing this risk.

For this reason, from the moment of the accident or the recognition of exposure to risk, the ASL-AVOCATS firm assists you individually and represents you before the Social Security Affairs Tribunal (general disputes) as well as tribunals for technical disputes (Incapacity Disputes Tribunal, CNITAAT).
Business Law

Various questions about the economic activities of enterprises, and the need to secure contractual relations, lead to seeking reactive advice capable of analysing the legal context and then allowing for an effective strategy to be put in place with a global and forward-looking approach.

By collaborating with you in this way the ASL-AVOCATS firm defines the framework of your business relationships, especially by drawing up contracts of all kinds, supervising the way they are carried out and then studying the conditions and forms of breach.

It undertakes the appropriate legal action for questions such as unfair competition, parasitism and consumer law.

It has developed special expertise about industrial risks (buildings, mechanical disorder, responsibility derived from defective products…). It helps you in the event of litigation from the time before the dispute to conflict resolution through compromise, arbitration or legal measures.

It also acts for any kind of operation to recover debts, especially for banking, from the time of commitment to the procedure until the decision obtained is carried out.
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